Kamron Kennedy


The official domain for Kamron Kennedy and what he thinks he has to offer the world.

Yes I speak in 3rd person. Yes you can make fun of me.
– Kamron K. Feb 30th 2037

I will have many attempts at humor throughout this site. I hope this to turn into a good resource for other entrepreneurs and programmers. I’m a software developer and specialize in getting projects up off the ground. Turning ideas into usable products, solving a problem that an organization has had for years, helping an existing business get with the times: are all things I genuinely enjoy doing.

I come from Michigan, where we have no choice but to innovate. Recognized as one of the poorest states in the US, yet we have tons of talent that comes from this personified piece of land conveniently placed with fresh water all around us. (I love Michigan btw)

Check out some of my posts, feel free to ask questions and follow me on the platform of your scrolling preference 😀 I’m on just about all of them….except pinterest.