Amping up!

rising chart

My entrepreneurial career is beginning to ramp up REALLY nicely lately it seems 😀

Coders Farm, my latest venture, is getting a TON of local support from other web development companies in the area and from anyone who hears of us.

A big thing on my mind currently is my investors, and the debt I have to them in the bitcoin space. With any rewards that come of Coders Farm, this will be my first item to take care of before any other major investments are made. It will be nice to be able to trot around the interwebs with the ankling feeling that my investors are going to pop out of no where. I remain in communication with my biggest investors, and see/talk with them regularly, but still.

Coders Farm will hopefully make as big of an impact as I think it can. My first major goal with it is getting our first two trainees jobs. Chris and Brian are their names. They both have TONS of relevant experience to a software developers job, and with some training and a bit of experience, I personally believe they will nail their interviews when they get them (only a matter of time).

I don’t plan on making much as far as placement revenue goes from these two, it will most likely be just a nice referral fee from the recruiting company that partners with us for their placement. This will be short term success for us though, and will prove our MVP is real (growing programmers from hard workers). The short term success will prove phenominal for marketing Coders Farm. Hopefully while they are with Coders Farm though we can build something cool 😀

Stay tuned everybody! 😀 There is lots to come this year for myself and Coders Farm!

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