Coming up for air…


Man….alot has been happening.

For one, Coders Farm is alive and doing PHENOMENALLY

We just announced our second instance of Coders Club in Grand Rapids, and have built a plethora of marketing tools to service ourselves in finding clients and trainees and our clients benefit from our tool suite as well through our services. We also have released our first digital product: and have begun our online branding/marketing for the SaaS product.


It’s getting faster!

I’m finding I’m able to get more and more done each day as I practice being more and more effective for the people who are now working with and for me. They believe in Coders Farm as much if not more than I do! It’s true what they say about finding a Team, this my first time officially leading my own team on my own free will so I’m learning as much as I can from them as I teach them as much as I can while we work together 😀

On top of Coders Farm stuff, my full time career is better then ever! For those who don’t know, I’ll be coming up on my one year anniversary with Liquid Web here in June!

I’m getting married!

Talk about a curve ball right? 😉 It’s something I’ve been really excited about lately and been putting some organization into. Both my work anniversary and my wedding date are happening in the same month!

2016 has been THE year for Coders Farm’s birth, and the birth of my own family :’)

There’s full time work 40 hours/week, then there’s over-time work 60 hours/week, and then there’s the managers schedule of 84+ hours per week. Above this is the entrepreneurs schedule of literally 24/7. If you feel guilty at your job because of the amount of time you technically are “double-dipping”, you’re doing it right! *__*

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you though!!

I am fortunate enough to have a flexible schedule (learn to code), which is one of the many non-monetary benefits to being a programmer (learn to code!). Your success does not depend on a daily schedule, especially in the digitally mobile world we find ourselves in today (are you coding yet!?). Even with a flexible schedule, you still need to put your time in, but it’s nice that it doesn’t have to be within normal business hours.

This post is me coming up for air so to speak, if not to talk to the vast emptiness of the internet, or to use as reflection at a later date, then to at the least get a record of events somewhat nailed down.

Cheers to working hard!!

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