Disable dropcams in your AirBnB rental (or anywhere for that matter)


Lifehacker posted an article today regarding the rising reports of AirBnB renters finding hidden cameras in their rentals that are on and active during the durations of their stay.

While it is well within the home owners rights, I personally would not be ok with this. If I smoke in your home when you say it’s not allowed, you’ll be able to tell. If something breaks while I’m there and it’s not my fault, sue me and we can work it out. There’s really a rare scenario where I’d be ok with this situation. If you’re not comfortable with strangers living in your home, don’t rent it out on AirBnB! Plain and simple. Don’t infringe on privacy.

That being said, I figured I’d repost this topic. A man named Julian Oliver wrote this script, and shared it on his blog. I’ve also downloaded the script and have it hosted here on my own blog.

Disclaimer from Julian Oliver


For the record, I’m well aware DropCam and Withings are also sold as baby monitors and home security products. The very fact this code exists should challenge you to reconsider the non-sane choice to rely on anything wireless for home security. More so, WiFi jammers – while illegal – are cheap. If you care, use cable.

It may be illegal to use this script in the US. Due to changes in FCC regulation in 2015, it appears intentionally de-authing WiFi clients, even in your own home, is now classed as ‘jamming’. Up until recently, jamming was defined as the indiscriminate addition of noise to signal – still the global technical definition. It’s worth noting here that all wireless routers necessarily ship with the ability to de-auth, as part of the 802.11 specification.

All said, use of this script is at your own risk. Use with caution.

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