Like all the things! (Facebook)


Ever trolled your friends by liking everything on their page?

It’s a good way to cloud up their notifications, or “show support”…ya know, like real friends do 😀

I was bored the other day and wrote a nice little chunk of javascript to do so, and Guess What? It’s right below and you simply need to drag and drop it into your bookmarks, and click it when your on a Facebook page that you’d like to like away on (if that makes sense)

The bookmark/script is here:

Like all things!

Again, this is meant to be a bookmark that you click when you are on a Facebook page that you’d like to like everything on.

For my fellow coders out there, check out the source

Of course this is all in a one-liner for the bookmark.

You could also simply copy+paste this code into your browser console window (you will see facebooks pretty warning sign though, which will need to be ignored).

If you can see in the code, there is a stagger to it. It will only like 1 thing per second, as to avoid you getting banned from liking things on Facebook. Which will happen if you don’t keep the stagger I’ve implemented.

Also, this will like everything that you have not liked already. You can edit it to un-like things as well by putting the; line into the if statement above the else block that it currently resides in.

Have fun everybody!

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