To my investors

Sourced from CoinTelegraph:

To my investors, it’s no secret I owe you quite a bit of money.

I am sorry, this is my fault.

Regardless of what I went through at the time of taking out this loan, I cannot escape responsibility that ultimately my decisions lead me down this path.

I have two primary investors, that are local to me in Michigan. One of which invested in me privately, and another that invested heavily in an online loan that I have defaulted on last year. I also have over 100 other investors from the websites BTCJam and Loanbase.

In total, at this moment, I owe my investors a sum of $8,900. This amount is directly tied to the value of bitcoin. Unfortunately, all local refinancing options have been exhausted without success due to my crappy credit in the US. I have not had the confidence in liquidity of other online platforms to give a refinancing option a shot, and do not feel I could refinance the primary loan again since this is already a refinance loan that I’m defaulted on.

I have one main source of income at this time, my job at Liquid Web. This job brings in enough money for me to pay my child support, and my living expenses. I am able to begin committing at a minimum $50 per paycheck (weekly) to my debt, and have begun getting setup with BitWage (waiting for account review/approval) to buy the bitcoin automatically with each paycheck I have come in. Once I have this set up, I will also create some kind of system so my investors can stay up to date with how much money I have saved up towards payments on my loan (I still owe 2 payments, out of 3). It will be either here on my blog or using another system for viewing the balance of a bitcoin address. The $50 per month is a bare minimum that I will be able to commit to. I will contribute all extra money in the foreseeable future to this debt on BTCJam.

With the current rising value of bitcoin, I want to reiterate that I have no plans of bailing on this loan. Once I have the money, you will.

I have random income at sporadic times in my life as an entrepreneur (start up companies, freelancing full stack¬†developer and freelancing system admin). I have a number of “irons in the fire” (projects) that I have high hopes for but at this time are not generating me any extra money. Most of these projects can be found on my blog page and I continue to add more every week as time allows.

I am a very busy man, but I will not forget about my debt and act like it is not there. I respond to investors in any way/shape/form they contact me, and welcome any more that would like to.

That being said, please keep me in mind if you come to find anyone needing IT services that I offer (there’s not much that I cannot do, and I offer discounts on my rates when it does come to something I don’t have plenty of experience in). If I can I would be willing to work out deals where my investors are paid directly for work I accomplish and finish.

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