What do I work for?


I have been working my a** off for quite some time now.

Between Klubcams beginning in 2013, to Coders Farm in 2016 and every single project in between (I even wrote a book, and would like to write another), I have been kicking a** and taking names.

Every entrepreneur dreams of riches and fame, of course I share this desire, but as with many others there’s a bit more to it for me. Money is just the means to an end. If you had millions of dollars, what would you do with it? When you begin to think about it, this should be an intimidating question. How would what you do with the money, effect those around you? Would you enable all of your people and give handouts to make their lives easier? Would you donate a bunch to charity to watch it all be squandered away through execs in the company who are “helping”?

Me personally, I’d open up a Coders Farm Center in every city in the US. I’d attempt to flood the world with awesome, talented programmers ready to tackle tomorrows challenges, today. I’d dump money into my cities local department of education (disadvantaged K-12 teachers and schools).

If I had millions of dollars, I’d try to be as helpful as possible to the areas that made me successful.

Then in my free time I would travel with my wife, and make sure my children had every they needed to become successful human beings and better than I (this does not include a fancy car at 16, sorry kids). It would include prestigious summer camps with intense learning curriculums. It would include resources to allow them to build things that are useful for themselves and organizations they want to work with.

I work for those around me: My clients, My friends, My family, My boss and My city. My recent full time gig has me feeling extremely heroic, and my past has given me extraordinary abilities to Think and Do.

It’s really that simple. The money will come, yes, but so will my stamp on the world.

It’s not about what you have, it’s about what you do with it.


Getting back to work now 😉

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